I have experienced this before in real life.

Twice in one day, in the same mall, while shopping with my husband and my daughter. Two stores that I frequent in a different mall, they are so nice to me. I’ve spent A LOT of money in these two stores. One day while shopping in a different mall, I decided to stop in these two stores. The first store, the girl didn’t even acknowledge us BUT spoke to two white ladies who came in immediately after us. We even walked around for a minute RIGHT beside her, nothing. We left, laughing to ourselves. The second store, same thing! This time the the lady even goes out of her way to help the white women and says NOTHING to us. Store is empty. We are always dressed really nice, they looked like slobs. So it wasn’t even a “they look broke” thing…. that’s not justifiable either.

Side notes on this video*

I was offended that her being dressed down included fluffing her hair into an afro and dressed up was her hair bone straight.

One lady says  …”it has nothing to do with me” because she’s not black.

Seconds later, another lady goes back to primping.

The one that really took the cake was the guy who said “She probably played the black card right? … , then when told it was an experiment says “Oh I feel so bad for her!” with a freaking straight face!

I was proud of the people who spoke up and the people who walked out! Sadly people can’t just laugh it off because it’s fake, for many people this is a reality.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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